Books I Love

As someone who reads several books a week, and has done so for years, I’m often asked for book recommendations. Most of the books I read are pretty good. I get really excited about books I actually love. How does a book reach “love” status for me? It might be terrific writing, a fantastic plot,

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What I Used — Products for My First Triathlon

I recently wrote about my experience training for and completing my first triathlon after 50. You can read about it here. One of the trickiest parts of preparing for a triathlon is figuring out all the gear you need. You can get many items at local swim, bike, and running stores. I bought most of

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From Business Owner to Employee After 50

We’ve often heard how people over 50 go into business for themselves after losing their jobs. While some always wanted to own their own businesses, many are frustrated by the lack of job opportunities and difficulty getting a job at a certain age. What we don’t hear about so much is an example of someone

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One Thing That Every Get-Together Needs

As part of a New Year’s reading challenge I saw on Facebook, I had committed to giving books to some Facebook friends. One of the people on my list was a local woman business owner. I decided to gift her a business book written by a woman. Sadly, there are way fewer of them than

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Black Mountain Pinot Noir

I like wine, as I’m sure many of you do, too! While I’m not in any way a wine expert, I do like to keep some tasty red wines on hand, especially for entertaining. I especially enjoy stocking great-tasting wines that don’t cost a lot. One of my favorite places to buy wine is Trader

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Margie’s Book Club Pick – March, 2019

I read so many books that I rarely buy them. I generally get e-books and printed books from the library. This was published at the end of January 2019, and I got tired of waiting, so I bought it. And I’m so glad I did! Out of the Dark, by Gregg Hurwitz, is the fourth

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