Q: I spend a lot of time every day picking out my outfits. Is there a way to make this easier?

A: Yes! One of the best ways to do this, according to Linda Waldon, image stylist to women over 50, is to create a “uniform” and wear it often.

Linda encourages women to define their signature style uniform for two reasons:

  1. Your signature style expresses your personality.
  2. Wearing the same type of outfit every day is just easier!

Not sure what your signature style is? Here are some examples:

Putting Your Uniform Together

Your signature style will drive your choice of clothing. If your style is Simple, your go-to uniform may be a tee shirt, blazer, and jeans. If your style is Relaxed, your uniform may be leggings and a long shirt.

Now you can focus on using what you have in your closet, or adding pieces strategically. Keep these tips in mind:

  1. Keep outfits fresh and save money by switching out shoes, adding different jewelry and swapping handbags.
  2. Make it comfortable. You might love the look of jeans and a blazer, but you actually feel happier in a dress. Similarly, if you have cute shoes, but they hurt, you won’t be happy wearing them. Keep only what makes you feel terrific.
  3. Wear your best colors. Your favorite outfit may fit your style, but it might not be showing you in your most flattering light.

For example, Linda is a “Copper” color palette, which is her True Colors brand season for autumn. Here is a before (wearing her original go-to muted colors) and after (learning her color season) picture of Linda:

You can get a color analysis from a local color stylist, or learn more about Linda’s color analysis and virtual styling options.

Great Outfits Every Day

These tips will help you save time getting ready. They will also help you in your continued quest to become an even more fabulous and fashionable mermaid after 50!

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