The Birthday Gift I’ll Never Forget

I’ll admit it — I’m really hard to buy gifts for. I’m so picky that usually my family tells me to buy what I want as my gift. Which is nice because I get something I actually want … but kind of a bummer because I miss out on a nice (hopefully) surprise.

With my birthday coming up soon (March 8), I started thinking back to my “big” birthday (my 50th) and the gift I got from my Mom. It’s a gift I’ll never forget.

A little background here. When I was about five years old, I happened to hear the song “Margie” at my friend’s house and I came running home to tell my Mom, “Guess what — they wrote a song about me!” And then I started to sing, “Margie, I’m always thinking of you, Margie.…”

My Mom laughed, and then told me she has always loved that song, which is a jazz standard from many years ago. She sang that song to me as I was growing up, and even asked the band leader to sing it at my wedding!  

For my 50th birthday, my Mom told me she had been thinking about getting me something really special. She had an idea in mind but hadn’t been able to find it in a store. So she went online and ordered it.

When I unwrapped my gift, I saw a pretty jewelry box. I loved it and wanted to start using it right away. I took out some pieces of jewelry, and as I opened my new jewelry box, it started to play: “Margie, I’m always thinking of you, Margie.…”

I was speechless. This wasn’t just a beautiful jewelry box. It was also a music box, one that played “my” song.

I hugged my Mom and thanked her for such an amazing gift. To this day, every time I open that box and hear the Margie song, I’m flooded with wonderful memories.

It was a birthday gift I’ll never forget.

Have you gotten any gifts you can’t forget? Please share your stories, below.